Derek [Fergus Maximus Solo Live]

pop/rock  singer/songwriter  live  acoustic  solo 

Derek [Fergus Maximus Solo Live]
The debut single for Fergus Maximus - an acoustic pop tune for everyone who has ever lived in a share house. Free until 28 Feb - be quick!

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Liner Notes

This is a song about a bloke called Derek, written for everyone who has ever lived in a sharehouse. And for all those who wish they had.

'Derek' is the first official release from Fergus Maximus and is the lead single from his forthcoming EP/LP (due in March 2015).

It was recorded live at The Austral Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia on Thursday, 13 November 2014 by Noni Espinosa. Noni did the live mix and recorded it straight to disk and then tweaked the levels a bit and, well, that's pretty much all that happened. It was mastered by Peter Maher in London (because The Internet). Daniel Ralph and his sister Deborah ran cameras that night and then Daniel used magic and electrons to stitch together the video you can find on The YouTubes.

The gig was one of the regular weekly showcases of original music put on by SCALA (the Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association). They've been putting on such evenings for over 25 years. Go SCALA, you rock!

Ferg says that all the above-mentioned people are awesome and great to work with and you should totally check them out. We had assumed he includes himself in that statement but when we asked him to clarify, he responded with "No Comment" so you will have to make up your own minds.

The amiable Daniel Ralph can be found at or via his FB page at

The cheerful Noni Espinosa can be found doing sound at SCALA gigs at The Austral or with his riotously fun band Funk Latin Union

The legendary Pete Maher, Master Masterer Extraordinaire, can be found at

And of course you could check out Fergus Maximus too at


Fergus Maximus - wrote the song and provided vocals and guitar

Noni Espinosa - live sound engineer/mixing

Peter Maher - mastering

Daniel Ralph - cameras/video editing (check out the video on YouTube)

Deborah Ralph - cameras

SCALA (the Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association) - hosting and promotion of the gig


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